Fin-atics 3rd Annual Fluke Derby – 2015 Winners

Fin-atics 3rd Annual Fluke Derby – 2015 Winners
For the past three years Fin-atics has sponsored a FREE Fluke Derby for our customers to participate in for the summer season.  It is a friendly competition that we encourage everyone to enter.  All we require is to sign up each season and provide us with valid contact information.  All winners are notified via email and below you will find this years results.
June Winners:
1st Place – Ken Ruckle (25-1/2″ – 5.34lbs)
2nd Place – Brian Schuler (24″ – 4.95lbs)
3rd Place – Mike Gardner (24-1/2″ – 4.64lbs)
July Winners:
1st Place – Chip Roman (26-1/2″ – 7.57lbs)
2nd Place – Dennis Molette (26″ – 6.02lbs)
3rd Place – Ken Ruckle (24-1/2″ – 5.56lbs)
August Winners:
1st Place – Bob Pelikoski (25-3/4″ – 7.41lbs)
2nd Place – Dennis Molette (26″ – 6.76lbs)
3rd Place – Phil Degliomini (25-3/4″ – 6.11lbs)
Tournament Overall Winners:
1st Place – Chip Roman (26-1/2″ – 7.57lbs)
2nd Place – Bob Pelikoski (25-3/4″ – 7.41lbs)
3rd Place – Dennis Molette (26″ – 6.76lbs)
Congratulations to our Fluke Derby winners for 2015, we look forward to next seasons tournament.

Best Fishing Bait and Tackle Tips

The best fishing bait and tackle tips for the beginner, intermediate, and expert fisherman can be found in one location. Gaining enough knowledge about the baits to use for specific fish will ensure that you have everything needed to catch the fish you are after. There are a few types of bait that can be used. They vary in color, shape, size, and texture to catch the eye of the fish you are fishing for; some breeds of fish prefer specific bait to another.

Best Fishing Bait and Tackle Tips

Best Fishing Bait and Tackle Tips
Best Fishing Bait and Tackle Tips

The Basics of Fishing Bait

There are a number of substances that can be used as bait. The bait can be placed on the end of a fishing hook or in a fishing trap. You can use artificial fish bait or natural fish bait. There are scents, rubs, and powders that can be added to the bait to give it a more distinct smell to attract fish in the area.

Artificial Baits

The advantages of using artificial bait is that you can use the bait again and again, until the bait is too worn out to use or a fish takes off with it. You also do not need to store it in a specific area or temperature to keep it fresh unlike natural bait. There are also disadvantages to using artificial bait, such as having to trick the fish into thinking it is actually real. There are creams and powders that you can use to allow the bait to smell real although it is not. Artificial baits should be matched with the type of fish you want to catch, certain fish enjoy certain bait.

Natural Baits

Natural bait has some disadvantages, such as trying to keep the bait fresh once you’re done fishing, and you do not want to throw the rest of the bait away. You also will have to spend more money in the end by using natural bait since you will need to replenish your supply every so often. The advantages might weigh out the disadvantages however such as how the fish are more attracted to the natural baits more over the artificial. You still need to choose the right bait for the right fish however.

Best Fishing Bait and Tackle  Tips
Best Fishing Bait and Tackle Tips

Using Fishing Bait

There are a number of fishing bait tips out there depending on what you would like to catch while fishing.

  • Keep the water type in mind when fishing. Different baits are used for salt water compared to fresh water. You will have a better chance catching a fish by using the right bait.
  • Make artificial bait look and smell more natural when fishing with it. If the fish finds out it is not an actual fish that they can eat then they will not touch it.
  • Select the right fishing time. Depending on the fish you’re trying to catch, you want to ensure that you use the right fishing time that their primary source of food comes out to play.
  • Use the correct bait. Whether you use artificial or natural bait, you want to make sure it is the right kind for the fish you’re going after, and there are many kinds to choose from.

For more helpful kayaking with dogs tips as well as kayak tackle, bait, and other fishing equipment, check out Fin-atics. Serving the South NJ area, this fishing tackle store offers quality supplies both in their Ocean City NJ store and online at good prices. Contact them at (609) 398-2248 or visit the website.

Jersey Shore Fishing Tournament Entry Deadline July 20

Ocean City Fishing Supplies Boaters planning to fish the 21st JCAA Fluke Tournament on Aug. 2 must registered by 7/20 to be eligible for the $25,000 Big Fluke  prize for entering a doormat over 12 pounds. You can register online at,  or by calling the office at 732-506-6565. JCAA president Paul Haertel reports they have about 160 entrants so far,and many are joining the Calcuttas — ensuring there will be some nice payouts.

This event is actually nine mini-tournaments in one. Each weigh station or port has its own set of prizes for the heaviest fluke brought to the scales including $1,200 in cash for 1st place: The Barnegat Bay port is donated by South Harbor Marine; the Manasquan port by Hoffman’s Marina; the LBI port by Fisherman’s Headquarters; and the Cape May port by RJ Marine Service. The other ports are donated by the JCAA.
Major sponsors this year are G3 Boats, Salem Boat Exchange, Spring Garden Marine, Mercer Marine Supply and Mayberry Sales and Service, Yamaha Outboards, Costa Sunglasses, Interlux Paint, Underwater Green Fishing Lights, Tica Fishing Tackle and Canyon Reels.

There’s a total of 90 port prizes. Contestants register in one of 9 ports from Jersey City to Cape May, each with easy access weigh stations. You compete only against those boats registered in that port for the generous list of port prizes.

This year there will be Optional Cash Categories (Calcuttas) of $50.00 & $100.00 for each port and $50.00 & $100.00 Calcuttas for the overall tournament!, with 7/8ths of the money going to the winners and 1/8th to JCAA. Also new this year is a $25,000 Big Fluke Prize for anyone catching and weighing in a fluke exceeding 12 pounds by at least 1/100oz. However, your entry must be in by July 20.

Fin-atics 3rd Annual Fluke Derby June Winners

Congratulations to our June winners for Fin-atics 3rd Annual Fluke Derby.  Ken Ruckle of Egg Harbor Township, NJ took 1st Place with a 25-1/2″ 5.34lb Flatty on June 10th out of his kayak!  Second place was Brian Schuler from Seaville, NJ with a 24″ 4.95lb flounder, while Third place was taken by Mike Gardner of Petersburg, NJ with a 24-1/2″ 4.64lb fish.  June was a tough month locally for flounder fishing due to all the rain and wind, so an extra congrats to our winners is in order.  Weather so far in July has been better and water temps are on the rise so I would expect a few bigger fish this month.  Good luck to all our entrants and remember it is never to late to enter and it is always FREE with a chance to win up to $1500 in Fin-atics Gift Cards.  If you would like to enter, stop by the store, call us at (609)398-2248 or email your name, address, phone number and date of birth (only if you are under 14 years old so we may qualify you as a junior angler).  Good luck to everyone for the month of July and August.

Chunking Bunker for Striped Bass

Author with 36" Striped Bass
Author with 36″ Striped Bass

Chunking Bunker for Striped Bass can be a very productive method for catching that trophy linesider. It is a very simple method that will produce bites in a variety of conditions and different areas of the bay or ocean.  Most often this fishing technique is used from an anchored boat but it also can work from areas such as a pier, dock or bridge.  Take a Bunker (Menhaden), cut it up into pieces about 2 inches long and throw a few at time into the water, chunking is just as it sounds.

The trick is not to chunk too many at a time, get the Stripers feeding on them but not enough to satisfy their hunger.  I find that a dozen bunker will last for about 2 hours of slow and steady chunking, of course if the bite is on it will go much faster.  Use a larger piece of Bunker, usually a head or mid-section 4-5 inches wide as a bait with a large 8/0 to 10/0 hook (circle hook or J-hook based on your personal preference) .  Drift or cast the baited hook, using a fish finder style rig out behind the boat or away a bit from the pier.  Use of a Baitrunner or conventional reel with a clicker is important here so you may leave the reel in free-spool, the fish can pick the bait up and not feel the sinker or drag of the reel.

Find a place to anchor or a spot on a pier where your bait will drift into a hole, the edge of a drop off or a nice rip current and fish it a couple hours before or after the change of a tide. The current slows a bit and your chunks won’t be carried away as fast during this time.  I have found that there is no set tide, high or low that will produce all the time, the time of day and season will dictate when they bite.  Striped Bass are the most unpredictable of fish when it comes to their behavior, they may bite on the top of the incoming tide one week and the bottom of the outgoing another.  Put the time in and you will eventually learn their patterns for the area you are fishing at the time of year you choose to fish it.  This will help narrow down the when and where to fish and increase your chances of landing that once in a lifetime Striped Bass.

Ocean City Fish and Bait Shop: Fin-Atics

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.31.46 PMHi, my name is Bill Wiggins, owner of  Fin-Atics. In business since 1991, Fin-Atics is one of the premier kayak dealers and fish and tackle stores in not only Ocean City,  but also through out out the entire Jersey store. If you have any questions about kayaks or fishing, give us a ring at  our number. Our  staff has over 100 years of combined fishing experience, so if there’s a question, we probably have the answer.





Fishing in Cape May County

Ocean City Bait and tackleThe Kingfish and Spot have finally started biting off the beach.  A small piece of Bloodworm or Fishbites Bag O’ Worms will do the trick on a Kingfish or Sabiki Rig.  Also showing up in the surf, in good numbers are Summer Flounder as they have been moving out from the bay.  Try for them using a Spro Bucktail with with a strip of Squid, Mackerel or better yet a Berkley Gulp! 4” Swim Mullet.  Don’t cast to far, you will find them between the waves and the beach in shallow water.