Fin-atics Fishing Report 6/15/2017 Lots of Kingfish

Kingfish have arrived!

With the recent heat wave calming down, it is safe to say that summer arrived.  June has been an awesome month for fishing so far with the action only heating up.  The beach has come to life over the past weekend.  Reports of decent kingfish in really good numbers continue to pour in. Surfcasters are even catching a few nice weakfish mixed in with the kings.  The hot bait has been bloodworms as the water temps hang in the low to mid 60’s.  Look for Fishbites to start producing when the ocean water temps eclipse 65 degrees.  The middle of OC, beaches from 15th to 34th street have been the most consistent for the kingfish.

We are hearing daily reports of great fluke fishing in the bay and even out on the reefs!  I know it’s a little early, but boats prospecting on the reefs for fluke have been pulling limits. Rick Martin from Ocean City was rewarded with a five and a half pound fluke while bouncing a bucktail on the Atlantic City reef last week.  Also, Bob Pelikoski, a regular at the shop, had a banner day in the bay with two fluke taking the scale at three and a half pounds and a third pushing over four pounds. It seems these larger fluke are making a push for the ocean reefs so now is the time to get them while you can in the creeks and channels!  As usual Berkley Gulp! baits, mackerel strips and minnows have produced the most bites.  This year has been far different than the disappointing 2016 season, a lot more keeper fluke.  Now is the time and get out and fish before the water warms up too much and the crowds move in!

Fin-atics 3rd Annual Fluke Derby – 2015 Winners

Fin-atics 3rd Annual Fluke Derby – 2015 Winners
For the past three years Fin-atics has sponsored a FREE Fluke Derby for our customers to participate in for the summer season.  It is a friendly competition that we encourage everyone to enter.  All we require is to sign up each season and provide us with valid contact information.  All winners are notified via email and below you will find this years results.
June Winners:
1st Place – Ken Ruckle (25-1/2″ – 5.34lbs)
2nd Place – Brian Schuler (24″ – 4.95lbs)
3rd Place – Mike Gardner (24-1/2″ – 4.64lbs)
July Winners:
1st Place – Chip Roman (26-1/2″ – 7.57lbs)
2nd Place – Dennis Molette (26″ – 6.02lbs)
3rd Place – Ken Ruckle (24-1/2″ – 5.56lbs)
August Winners:
1st Place – Bob Pelikoski (25-3/4″ – 7.41lbs)
2nd Place – Dennis Molette (26″ – 6.76lbs)
3rd Place – Phil Degliomini (25-3/4″ – 6.11lbs)
Tournament Overall Winners:
1st Place – Chip Roman (26-1/2″ – 7.57lbs)
2nd Place – Bob Pelikoski (25-3/4″ – 7.41lbs)
3rd Place – Dennis Molette (26″ – 6.76lbs)
Congratulations to our Fluke Derby winners for 2015, we look forward to next seasons tournament.

Hobie Kayak Fishing Accessories Ideas

NJ Hobie Kayak DealerHobie Kayaks are some the most popular kayaks sells or rents. Hobie actually manufactures several kayaks for fishing, but improvements always can be made for a custom fit. The Hobie fishing kayaks have built-in rod holders and cargo storage, and the kayaks use a pedal-drive system for control. Customization beyond the factory features is not necessary for basic fishing applications but will make the kayak more friendly for your specific fishing purposes. Custom features should serve a specific purpose and must never compromise your safety in the water.

Many Hobie fishing kayaks have rod holders molded in the kayak. The holders are placed behind the seat and are ideal for trolling. The holders will not interfere with the paddling stroke, and the line will be directly behind the kayak. The location of the line also will prevent tangles with the anchor rope. Additional rod holders can be placed in front of the seat. The extra holders are ideal for casting lures and flies. The holders should be placed far enough forward to clear the paddle stroke and far enough back to be within easy reach. The additional holders allow you to carry trolling rods behind the seat and casting rods in front of the seat.

Additional Kayak Ad-On Features

Hobie fishing kayaks are designed to attach an anchor at the rear of the kayak. The anchor is sold separately and is well worth the investment. The anchor will save you energy on windy days and will allow you to stop and work on a group of fish before moving. The anchor on the back works well, but fisherman who plan on using the anchor system regularly should place another anchor on the front of the kayak. This will give a stable platform and prevent the kayak from swinging in the wind.

Outriggers are a great feature for kayak fishing. The outriggers give a stable fishing craft and make standing a possibility. Fishing from a standing position is valuable for sight fishing and fly-fishing. The outriggers will not slow down the Hobie kayaks because the pedal-drive system can be combined with paddling for extra speed when traveling.
Fish Finder

The fish finder is a valuable fishing tool and can be installed on a Hobie fishing kayak. Place the fish finder in the front of the cockpit where it is visible but does not obstruct your fishing space or the pedal drive. The smaller pedal-drive kayaks do not have space in cockpit for a fish finder, but the device can be mounted on the front or side of the kayak.

Choosing the right kayak, along with all the add-on accessories, can be difficult work. Here at Fin-Atics, we have the to help Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help