Surf Fishing: Recommended Gear

Surf fishing for striped bass or bluefish in the Jersey Shore area can be quite a challenge, yet extremely fun as well. To find most success when Ocean City NJ surf fishing, your approach and equipment should suit trekking around in the wet sand and water. Fortunately, there’s a ton of surfcasting gear, accessories and toys available to make things more fun and productive.

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  • Eye Protection A pair of polarized glasses will help you stare through the glare and spot structure like sandbars, troughs, bait and fish. 
  • Staying Dry: Beach-bound anglers should be prepared for the occasional splash from a breaking wave. A breathable, waterproof jacket with water-tight cuffs at the wrists can help you stay comfortable. 
  • Safety Belt: An elastic wading belt is a great place to hang tools, and it is a necessary safety component when wearing chest waders, even if you don’t plan on going in above your knees. cinch it tight to keep water from flooding in should you take a tumble.
  • Waders: When Picking a pair of waders, consider the amount of walking you’ll be doing. Trudging in the sand can work up a sweat, making a pair of lightweight, breathable waders the most comfortable option. Stockingfoot waders with wading boots will be more comfortable on long walks, but be sure your waders have a gravel guard to keep sand from washing into the boots.
  • Sealed drag reel: Saltwater and sand pose great threats to reels, surfcasting equipment and surfcasters who spend enough time plugging on the beach inevitably introduce their reel to both. Reels with a sealed drag will enjoy a longer surfcasting career.

Surf fishing is a fun and effective way to catch some great fish in the Ocean City NJ area. Fin-atics offers a wide assortment of fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line, and anything else you may need both in store and online. Come check out this awesome Jersey Shore bait and tackle shop.

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