Ocean City NJ Winter Fishing Tips

During the winter in the Jersey Shore area, cold weather and cold water can keep anglers indoors until the next season. Winter is actually still a great time to catch some great fish. Below are some tips on fishing during the winter time:

Ocean City NJ Winter Fishing


  • Slow it down a bit. Fish are cold blooded animals, so in colder water their body temperature drops causing them to not be as active and feed less. They will bite less aggressively and instead patiently wait to ambush their prey, many times near the bottom of the body of water. If you are fishing an artificial bait, a small, slow crankbait or a jig fished on or close to the bottom is in order. You must be more patient as well to catch the fish.
  • Look for deeper water. Many times, deeper water will mean slightly warmer water. Fish know to migrate to areas of warmer water. Deeper holes in creeks, channel cuts, and anywhere else where the water is deeper is where you are more likely to find fish.
  • Locate shallow flats. On sunlit days, shallow water will tend to warm up from the sun as it reaches higher into the sky. Baitfish tend to migrate to this warmer water, causing the predator fish to come too. Days where high tide is 2-3pm are the best for the water to be warm and high enough for fish to move to.

Although more time and patience are needed when  fishing in Ocean City NJ winter weather, there are plenty of fish out there just waiting to be caught. Fin-atics offers a wide assortment of fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line, and anything else you may need both in store and online. Come check out this awesome Jersey Shore bait and tackle shop.

Winter Flounder Fishing Tips

Ocean City Fishing SuppliesWinter flounder tend to migrate during the winter to shallower water. They are flat and both eyes are located on one side of their head. This fish’s color depends on the type of bottom where it lives. Large winter flounder’s skin usually includes shades of a muddy or reddish brown, dark slate and olive green. Below are some tips for catching winter flounder:

  • Search in muddy or sandy flats at high tide, in patches of eel grass, in river channels, in deep holes at low tide and in protective coves with soft bottoms. Mud bottoms near shellfish beds are also areas where where they tend to hang out.
  • Use baits such as sand worms and blood worms. Worm sections that are 2 or 3 inches long are recommended. You can also use muscle tissue of clams and mussels, clam necks, grass shrimp and sea worms.
  • Use chum to attract the fish. Chum is made with a mixture of live baits. Either throw it overboard or lower it in a weighted mesh bag or chum pot.
  • Use light to medium tackle, with a 10-15lb. test fishing line. A 6.5-foot medium action spinning rod is recommended for the best outcome.

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Rod & Reel Combo or Separate?

Ocean City NJ Fishing Rod and ReelShould I buy Fishing Rod and Reel Combo or should I buy them Separately?” That is a very common question among many who enjoy fishing. Many professional fishermen will give you a variety answers. To figure out what is best for you, you must narrow down the type of fishing you are going to do.

Jersey Shore Rod & Reel Combos

For fly fishing, buying a combo is usually the best way to go about it because they are specialized. If you fish casually as a hobby, you can usually find packaged deals at tackle shops that will be able to meet all of your fishing needs. If you are an avid fisherman and have a variety of fishing spots and techniques, you may want to buy the rod and reel separately so that you can move your reel to different rods that are more suited for what’s on your fishing agenda. 

While many fishing tackle shops will be honest and try to help you get exactly what you need, some may just be after your money. They may try to pitch something to you that you really don’t need. Do your research, and walk into a shop with an idea of what you want. For non-weighted opinions, go around to your local fishing spots and ask experienced fishermen what they would recommend.

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Perception Kayaks

Ocean City Perception KayaksOcean City Perception Kayaks – Planning on picking up a new kayak this year’s paddling season?  Do yourself a huge favor and check out Perception kayaks.  This industry pioneer has spearheaded the utilization of new frame materials and furnishing frameworks in their ocean and whitewater kayaks. They also offer a various configurations to match virtually every possible kayaking situation.  We hear mostly nothing but good things from Perception kayak owners. The only complaints we’ve ever heard are of slight denting in the plastic hulls of the boats.

Ocean City Perception Kayaks | The Definition of Quality

In the event that you’ve been in the world of kayaking for any period of time, you’re acquainted with the Perception name. If not, just know that this organization has been creating quality kayaks since the 1970s, when it was founded by a small group of committed paddlers in the Great Northwest….and the rest is history!

Perception is continues to lead the way in kayak innovation. Their new hull material, Exolar, is a hyper-density resin that’s extremely stiff and impact resistant and their Airalite hulls are as lightweight and durable as kevlar, but at a plastic price.

Ocean City Perception Kayaks | Almost Perfect

Although perfection doesn’t exist, Perception kayaks do come really close. Most Perception kayak owners we’ve spoken to give these fine boats a 9 out of 10 rating.

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Fishing Accessories

Cape-May-County-Fishing-AccessoriesLooking for top quality Cape May County fishing accessories?  Fin-Atics is your one stop shop for all the essential Cape May County fishing accessories you need.  We offer all the best brands at the best prices available right here at the Jersey Shore!  Here is a brief overview of the fishing accessory products we offer.  For a complete list of products, visit our online store.

Cape May County Fishing Accessories – Crabbing Supplies

With quality crabbing supplies brands such as Atlantis and Berkley, we want to ensure that you have everything you need when you head out for a day of crabbing.  From weighted crab throw line  to crab tongs and shedder oil, all your crabbing needs will be met at Fin-Atics.  To see all of our crabbing products, you can visit our online store or come visit us in person.  Happy crabbing!

Cape May County Fishing Accessories – Vehicle Rod Racks

Vehicle rod racks to help get your rods from point A to point B and every spot in between.  These racks mount easily to the outside of your car to free up space inside for other important things.  These are the perfect solution for transporting many fishing rods at one time, and they make heading out to your favorite fishing spot more enjoyable!

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Trolling for Striped Bass in New Jersey

Striped Bass fishing often comes down to catching fish while trolling. Trolling for Striped Bass in New Jersey can be a very effective method to catch Striped Bass when they are not schooled up in large numbers. Often you will find a run of fish that are in broken up schools and are feeding on bunker, sand eels or herring. The trick is to mimic the size of baitfish that the Stripers are foraging on; sometimes it may be small 4-5in bait while other times it can be an 11-12in size.

The waters off New Jersey have a variety of baitfish in them depending on the time of year. We often see Sand Eels, Spearing, Anchovies, Butterfish, Herring, Mackerel or Bunker in near shore and off shore waters. Imitating the baitfish is the key to success while trolling our waters and there are many different lures available that will accomplish this goal. The first and foremost rule to trolling for Striped Bass is your speed, the SLOWER THE BETTER! Once you remember this important rule the more productive your fishing experience will be. The second rule is that a good fish finder is a must for this type of fishing. If you can’t find the bait you won’t find many Stripers.

cht 9ers

The easiest method to imitate a small school of bait fish is the use of an umbrella rig. The last few years we have seen great production with 9ers Lures, a New England based manufacturer of umbrella rigs. What makes them unique is that they are tangle free, in comparison to traditional styled umbrella rigs. Their 6-way bar has baits directly attached at a raked back angle, making it a tangle-free fishing experience. Choose either a rig with tubes to imitate small baitfish or one with shads to imitate the larger baitfish. Troll these lures on the “flat” lines directly behind the boat; trolling them from outriggers is very impractical. You will need to use a trolling weight or downrigger to get these lures to the depth of water the Stripers are feeding in.


Another good lure that has produced consistently over the years is the Mann’s Stretch 25+ and Stretch 30+. These lures are designed with a large lip and as their name implies, will swim up to 25+ feet and 30+ feet deep respectively. You will be amazed at how quickly these lures dive to depth when you troll them. These lures should also be trolled on a “flat” line because of the pressure they put on a rod while they are trolled. I often find that the Stretch 30+ will produce more strikes than the 25+ when Bunker is the large adult size because of the profile they present.

Choose a stout rod and reel to troll these types of lures, because they apply a lot of pressure while trolled. Today’s braided super lines are a great choice for this type of trolling as they have far less drag in the water than monofilament. However, you should still use a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to attach the lure so when reaching for the leader you don’t cut up your hands on the braid. Common sizes for the braid are from 30-50lb and leaders should be from 50-80lb.