Jersey Shore Kayak Dealers

cape-may-kayak-rentalPlanning on buying a new kayak from a Jersey Shore or Cape May County Kayak Dealer?  Buying a new kayak is a very exciting experience!  Here are just a few things to consider when buying a new kayak:

Transporting Your Kayak

Owning a pick up truck or a larger SUV type vehicle with a roof rack makes this a fairly simple thing to do.  However, you may need to purchase a rack system for a car without rack on the top.  Feel free to contact our Cape May Kayak dealership if you have any questions about what rack will work best for your new kayak!

Kayak Length and Width

 When deciding what length kayak to purchase keep the following in mind:  Longer kayaks are faster, while shorter kayaks are easier to maneuver around the water.   An average length is about 12 feet.  Wider kayaks are more stable, but are also slower because of the resistance against the water.  If stability is something you want, the you should shoot for a 30-36 inch wide kayak.  Hobie Kayaks makes a wide variety of different sized kayaks.  

The Weight Of the Kayak

Weight is an important thing to consider because you’re the one who is going to be lifting the kayak!  130 pounds or below is a safe bet if you are going to be transporting the kayak on the top of your car.  Be wary when looking at kayaks made of “Ultralite” material. I have seen many of these kayaks get ripped apart and either get ruined or require extensive (and expensive) repairs. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the weight of a kayak.  

Single or Double Kayak?

Nine times out of ten, people prefer single kayaks.  Your spouse will thank you in the long run.  (they aren’t nicknamed divorce boats for no reason!)  In my experience everybody is better off with two singles as opposed to one double kayak.

Have fun with your new kayak, and remember to always wear your life jacket! is  based in Ocean City,  and serves all of Cape May County, including Wildwood, Cape May,  Avalon, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood and more.

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